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American Art: Colonial Period to 1940

Friday, 3/22 - 4/19 (5 sessions) 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.

  • Kennard African American Cultural Heritage Center

Course Description

American Art From the Colonial Period to 1940 American artists had to find their way in a new land with new ideas. In the early years they were guided by the art of the country of their origin. Buyers were limited, supplies were limited and art had to take second place to food, housing and security. Despite this, America developed, as every society does, a desire for paintings and sculptures that represented them. Many artists went to London and Italy for training and then brought back the academic style. Within that context, unique aspects of American life and history began to assert themselves. From portraits of famous Americans to the westward movement, the Civil War, the Depression and other important events, American artists responded to the American way of life. 
Instructor: Beverly Hall Smith

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