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American Revolution in South (w/ MD DE)

Thursday, 2/10 to 3/3, 4 sessions, 1 - 2:30

  • Kennard African American Cultural Heritage Center

Class Description

American Revolution in the South (including Maryland and Delaware) The American Revolution in the South is terra incognita for most Americans. Beyond the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown—which, although it took place in Virginia, was conducted by troops from the Northern Department of the Continental Army. Virtually nothing is known about the war in in this region. Despite this, it can easily be argued that the Revolution was nearly lost and then ultimately won in the Southern Department. This course will explore the war in the South from 1775 through the Peace of Paris and will introduce the students to aspects of the Revolution many have no knowledge of, or only a fleeting knowledge of this time in history. The course will feature power point presentations including using primary documents in the form of letters of contemporaries, followed by discussion and debate on issues related to the Revolution. There will be a heavy military component to the course, but it will not be strictly military and political, and social issues will be covered and discussed. Instructor: Dennis Conrad