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About the Institute for Adult Learning

Spring 2022 through Spring 2024

Established in 2001, the Institute for Adult Learning began as an affiliate of Road Scholar, a program comprised of over 300 independent community-based organizations who shared a love of learning and a desire for sociability. 

In August 2021, IAL Council Members began meeting to discuss the possibility of revitalizing the very successful IAL program that had been hosted at Chesapeake College. The support from our past members and friends for reviving IAL far exceeded our expectations! 


We reorganized as a component fund of the Mid-Shore Community Foundation, rented space at the Kennard African American Cultural Heritage Center, and developed a course curriculum for Spring 2022 which included both former and new instructors.


Today, the Institute for Adult Learning is once again enriching the lives of age 50-plus adults in the mid-shore area with dynamic classes and engaging social events. Our core value is to create a culture of connection in a welcoming community.


To be sure, this has been a labor of love. The strength and vitality of IAL is a combination of the collective passion and focus of the governing Council and the collective passion and support of our membership and instructors. 

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